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The Swipe Science: Decoding behaviours in Dating Apps

22 Feb 2024, 12:30 PM

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"The Swipe Science: Decoding Behaviors in Dating Apps" is an enlightening and interactive event designed for individuals fascinated by the psychological underpinnings and societal implications of modern dating apps. Reserve your seat today to gain valuable insights and be part of the conversation!

Join us as we hear from Able Joseph, the founder of the 'high-intent' dating app AisleSanjay Godara, a product person shaping user experiences at TrulyMadly; and Junofy Rozarina, a distinguished behavioural science specialist and the founder of Beyond Nudge Consulting.

This enlightening session promises to unravel the mysteries of digital dating, offering insights into:
👉 The non-conscious factors influencing swiping decisions. Ever wonder why so many profiles feature "pictures with pets" or "fancy travel photos"? We'll explore the psychology behind these trends and their effectiveness.
👉 The impact of gender disproportionality on app usage. With a notable imbalance between male and female users on most platforms, we'll discuss how this shapes user experience and the perceived value of a match.
👉 Strategies employed by dating apps to prevent user fatigue. Learn how algorithms are designed to keep you engaged without feeling overwhelmed.
👉 The intriguing paradox of dating apps: aiming to help you find a match and "get off the app." How do these platforms thrive while fulfilling their promise of connecting people?
👉 and MUCH more!


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More about the hosts

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Able Joseph

Founder and ex-CEO, Aisle

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Sanjay Godara

Product Manager, Truly Madly

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Junofy Rozarina

CEO, BeyondNudge and India Behavioural Economics Network


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